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Building “Happily Ever After” Together



Building “Happily Ever After” Together

10 August, 2018 Meditations

Building “Happily Ever After” Together

Real steps towards creating the relationship your heart desires

Let me say this first...A healthy relationship starts with you.  Are you showing up for your partner? Think about what that looks like to you.  Do you have an open approach to understanding from your own experiences in your journey that helped to form your ideas and set standards that you hold yourself to in a relationship? Do you know how to be a good partner in a relationship? Do you recognize all that a healthy relationship encompasses?

If you want to be in an Amazing relationship with your partner, then you must be ready to start with yourself. Your relationship is NOT the place you go to achieve or get something you are missing in your life. Your relationship is the place you go to give – to give your undivided attention, to give your energy, to give your whole heart and unconditional love and to give your flexibility. When you give this much, you get so much more in return. It feels natural in giving and receiving and natural creates JOY and PURPOSE.  This abundance in your relationship will impact you and your partner in the most intimate ways. Trust will show up as a fortress in your life! Even the hardest and most challenging moments along your relationship’s journey become a blessing. A gift that allows you and your partner to see and welcome the growth and become stronger as a couple.

When you are truly ready to show up in your relationship as the best version of yourself and become a better partner in your relationship, then you are ready to discover the steps to Kari Weber Young’s “Courageous Love” program.

The 5 courageous love commitments

The choice Commitment: Empowering yourselves with your choices.  Choosing to forgive, to forget and to learn the art of understanding another person on their level.  This is a key commitment to a truly courageous love. I dedicate this step to my husband, Aaron, for being courageous with me! I believe this is a challenge in every relationship you choose to build.

Commitment to YOUR truth: Everything about your Body language, tone of voice, facial expressions, Space proximity and the availability of your quality time are all tell-tell communications to your partner about your truth in the relationship.  What are you putting out there? This is where your personal accountability comes to play. When you own this personally, you will create truth and awareness. Don’t forget, your ACTIONS will always speak louder than your WORDS!

Get Committed to being Real and Vulnerable: Unconditional Love is the key to allowing oneself to be open, honest, and truthful COMPLETELY!  This is where we create safety nets for not only us, but our partner as well. Kari has a beautiful way to get couples in to this rare and deeply connected place!  This is where learning step 2 really comes into play.

Be committed unconditionally and compassionately: Stop wronging and blaming your partner.  Know them and their core truth, see them as they are wanting you to accept them.  Remove the guesswork and show that you care. Nobody wants to ask if they are being heard or understood.  Show these actions and you will be allowed to see your partner’s truth. When you learn this step, with supports to walk in activation mode, your relationship will grow to a level you have always desired.  When you become a good partner you will want to fulfill your partners needs and enjoy seeing them grow confident in your commitment to each other. Remember and respect that your partner chose you, this is on the highest human level and this play trumps all others!  Always put your lover first! The rewards are that you will win the lottery in life and there is no greater wealth!

Passion Principles

Passion & Playfulness: Remember when you first met and how you looked at eachother?  That look created a feeling....and a desire to want to see more, maybe deeper into those flashing glances. Kari teaches couples how they can reconnect and nurture that spark and turn it into the flame it longs to be!! Playing together is vital! Daily life can take away the Joy you once found in each other, but only if you let yourselves become that part of the usual story.  Be unique and celebrate that you are a team united and your purpose is to create playful ways to enjoy each other. When life is all said and done, celebrate that you lived for each other first. Create a goal to purposefully create laughter and smiles in your partner! This is what a life well designed is all about! Don’t wait until your 95 to to discover this TRUTH!

Be Present and Open: Own and celebrate your masculine and feminine strengths.  One lifts and betters the other. The polarity between us is magical and when living in purpose of love and support and commitment of each other is an experience in feeling ALIVE like you will never take for granted!  The risk is real, you must be truly willing to be open to all the possibilities.

PASSION Extremes: There is no abundance I believe, that is created or celebrated without the work we put into getting there or growing there together.  Challenges and trying times help us grow and lean into each other, allowing couples to celebrate their victories and celebrate within each other.  Anything with true purpose as the backdrop comes from passion! Extreme passion is igniting couples with fun and intimacy and unity!




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