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How to Dress Like Your Favorite Old Hollywood Star - Marilyn Monroe



How to Dress Like Your Favorite Old Hollywood Star

25 February, 2019 Exclusive Coach Content

Golden Age of Hollywood, typically thought of as the time between the late 1910s to 1960, is synonymous with many things, first and foremost the glamorous styles of the era's leading ladies. Old Hollywood fashion has inspired women throughout the ages, and with the rise of shops like ModCloth and Unique Vintage, a resurgence of styles and silhouettes made famous by these icons are more accessible than ever.

How to Dress Like Your Favorite Classic Hollywood Star

Looking for an easy way to emulate your favorite old Hollywood starlets that won't break the bank? Put away your faux-fur coats and hang up the ball gowns because, in real life, these icons were even more glamorous when they dressed things down. Here are three tips on how to dress like your favorite classic Hollywood stars. 

1. Stick to neutral, tailored basics. When it came to downtime, our favorite ladies could be found in many of the same neutral basics we love today, including crisp button downs, slimming slacks, and stylish swing dresses. The secret to looking glamorous? Tailoring! By tailoring these staples and making sure they flatter your favorite body parts, you'll not only look glamorous, you'll feel it, so don't be afraid to head to your local tailor today. 

2. Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize. It's no secret that the easiest way to amp up any outfit is by accessorizing. From chic scarves and striking drop earrings to a string of pearls and a pair of kitten heels, add new accessories to your favorite outfits for a quick classic Hollywood upgrade. 

3. Don't forget a pop of color. Whether it be a soft neutral pink or a true-to-era red, the ladies of the Golden Age were known for their lipstick. They were even credited with making various shades popular throughout history. As a result, many companies have dedicated shades to these ladies and the era, including Charlotte Tilbury, Napoleon Perdis, and Besame Cosmetics. The perfect way to cap off any look, a pop of color is vital for any old Hollywood transformation.

The Best Old Hollywood Fashion Styles

We've curated six looks based off of the everyday styles of your favorite icons of the Golden Age that are easy to recreate and effortlessly glamorous. Keep scrolling to learn how to dress like everyone from Marilyn Monroe to Grace Kelly and more! 

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