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On-line Personalized Nutrition Information Course



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Last Updaed: 2/3/2019


English, indonesia


Pre-Course: After you have signed up for the course you will receive a welcome email from your coach.

Here you will find:

a) A welcome message from your coach detailing what your expectations should be and how you should prepare for the course

b) A survey to be completed for the coach prior to your first meeting, in order for the coach to have the appropriate information needed to personalize the course content for your specific needs.
Once the survey is received by the coach you will receive an email with the coaches schedule and availability and your first session will be scheduled with the coach


  • Course 1: The first day is based on educating you on what food is, how it works in your body, discussing your specific habits and conditions and getting on the same page about your likes and dislikes, in order to come up with acceptable compromises    
  • Course 2: Involves understanding food labels, comparing food items, understanding how to properly incorporate meal preparation and incorporating your diet into your lifestyle.

Additional Information

Post-Course Support: 3-15 minute phone calls are included in the course to support you and clarify questions that may arise during the 30 days following the completion of your course.

Course Content

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On-line Personalized Nutrition Information Course

On-line Personalized Nutrition Information Course


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